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What is a virtual office / office?

The "virtual office" is now more and more widespread in Germany. It is often not clear what exactly is meant by that, because a virtual office can exist in very different forms - we would like to introduce two of them today:

virtual office

As a registered office and a chargeable business address

Here, a virtual office is ideal, for example, to move the headquarters of their own company there.

The benefits are obvious: Firstly, it allows you to make a clear distinction between professional and private and, moreover, keeps all activities away from prying neighbors. It also serves the reputation, because the own company just can not be found in their own apartment.

Our business addresses are all capable of being loaded, so that they can also be used for entry in the commercial register, as well as for registration at the tax office and at the business registration office.

Of course, you can also use the address in the imprint of your website, on stationery, as well as business cards, flyers ... wherever you want to represent your company.

We take all incoming mail for you and put you ready for pickup or send you optional in the original or scanned by e-mail. Just how you want it.

You want to rent a business address? Let's go.

Virtual assistant, virtual assistant, virtual assistant

Or as a service in the form of a personal assistant.

When it comes to services in the area of ​​a virtual office, one actually speaks more of a virtual assistant or a virtual assistant, but here too the term virtual office has become established, since you are offered numerous functions that are also known from a "real office" ,

Our employees take care of the tasks that would otherwise do "real colleagues" in a "real office" for you.

We do research for you, we answer phone calls for you, call customers, do research, acquire customers, make appointments, book hotels, flights, train tickets or rental cars, reserve tables in restaurants for you and your customers - in short: We are there when you need help.

Since the services provided by our customers are very individual and the requirements very different, we do not offer fixed packages here, but always focus on the actual requirements in order to find a tailor-made solution.

Interest? Talk to us. You'll be surprised that a virtual assistant is not as expensive as you might think. We calculate fairly for actual expenditure - so only if you really need us or only if we are actually working for you and your company.

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