virtual assistant

Virtual assistant, virtual assistant, virtual assistant

virtual assistant, virtual assistant, virtual assistant

Our virtual assistants or virtual assistants are there for you when you need them.

We take over and support you in tasks in customer service, research, data processing, ... and much more. By e-mail, by phone in chat on your website. There, wherever you need us.

There are many reasons why a virtual assistant can meaningfully support you.

  1. We are always there. That means our team is always available on weekdays for you and your customers - even if your own employees get sick at short notice or are on vacation, we are on hand.
  2. We work discreetly. For example, you would like to carry out research or dismiss an employee from you - but you are still looking for a substitute. There are many tricky topics that would incite the Flurfunk in your own company - with our support, you have the opportunity to outsource such sensitive topics, so that in the company no one notices something.
  3. We give you time - you do not have to do everything yourself. Concentrate on your core tasks and / or strengths and give off annoying work simply
  4. We are cheap (he). A virtual assistant will be charged fairly if you need them. That means you have no costs, as it would be the case with your own staff, but pay only when we become active. On the minute or the monthly package price, but never more than necessary. And if you have no work for us, no customer calls, no research to do ... then you pay (at our rates without a basic fee), of course, nothing.
  5. ...

There are still many reasons why a virtual assistant makes sense.

In a nutshell:

  • flexible support whenever needed
  • Significant cost savings compared to permanent employees
  • short-term help in case of bottlenecks (illness, holidays, ...)
  • We keep your back free, so you can concentrate on your core tasks
  • fixed contact person / partner for many tasks
  • more free time for you, your family and friends.

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