More and more people in Germany long for a better agreement between work and family. Working in the home office can make these wishes come true and grant professional flexibility.

In today's article we deal with the current German legal situation regarding teleworking and put together a small overview of the advantages of home office.

The legal situation in Germany: That's how it looks

While the Netherlands introduced the restricted right to work at home already in the year 2015 and is considered a European pioneer for modern workplace design, Germany lags behind. We do not have a law that gives the employee a right to work at home. The employer alone has to decide whether to grant his employees the desire for better compatibility between professional and private.

What about 40% of German employees wishful thinking represents the reality of most entrepreneurs and freelancers. They take advantage of the benefits of home work and benefit from the many benefits that come with it. However, this model also has its disadvantages. But these can be avoided by making a small change. Let's start with the benefits.

Working in the home office: the advantages

Whether you are an employer or an employee, home work has some key benefits for both sides, which we list below.

Advantages for employers:

  1. Employees rarely get sick

A slight cold can already be reason enough for a job loss. Employees working from home are isolated and can not be infected by their peers. It is also possible to work at home with a light cold, since the stressful work path is eliminated and you can make it comfortable in your own home.

  1. Stronger staff retention

As you meet your employees and you want to have an independent, flexible way of working, they like to work. Happy employees think twice about moving jobs and have proven to perform better.

  1. cost savings

Not only by the lower absentee days save you as an employer costs. Likewise, all expenses for renting additional business premises will be forfeited. In addition, many companies offer their employees snacks, fruit or drinks for free. These benefits are also eliminated if employees work remotely.

Benefits for workers:

  1. As a worker, you benefit from relatively free time management and can better balance your family and your job.
  2. Long working distances are eliminated and you can use the extra time as a time off for your job.
  3. You have the opportunity to work independently and take on more responsibility. In the long run, such an approach increases your chances of internal promotion.

As a self-employed person Benefit from all the advantages mentioned above and can even claim the costs incurred for your workplace under certain conditions for tax purposes.

Why a business address is worthwhile

Professional mail deliveries and customer inquiries in the private sphere are among the major disadvantages of the home office. In addition, most large companies have the habit of googling their business partners and are not particularly pleasantly surprised when the "office" is in a residential neighborhood or in a prefabricated building.

So that such unpleasant side effects can be excluded, it is recommended to one business address access.

Just contact us and we will explain to you free of charge and without obligation the possibilities and advantages of a rented business address!

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