Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can the address also be used for entry in the commercial register?

Answer: Yes, you can register your company (eg a UG or GmbH) with our offered rates and our address in the commercial register.

Do I have to come over personally for the registration / re-registration?

Answer: No.

The registration of your company you can do comfortably from home. The necessary forms can be found here:

Source and more information can be found here: https://www.krefeld.de/de/dienstleistungen/gewerbean-um-und-abmeldung

After you have done that, the tax office will automatically contact you and send you the forms you need. Again, you can do everything conveniently from home and (usually) do not have to come by.

The notary is the first point of contact for all companies, firms, trades and associations that have to be entered in a register (UG, GmbH, stock corporations, corporations, associations, OHG, ...).

The notary creates all the necessary documents to register the company correctly (articles of association, deed of incorporation, association / commercial register registration, ...) and submits them to the responsible authorities.

And then you, or your company still need an account:
With the documents you receive from the notary or with the business registration you can then go to a bank of your choice (branch or online) and open an account.

Summary (and order):

  1. First you conclude the contract for the business address with us.
  2. then you go (if applicable) to the notary and found the company
  3. Now it's time for the business registration, which you can comfortably do online
  4. Finally, you choose a bank from which you open your business account.

You need help or something is still unclear? We are happy to help you. Just talk to us.

Is it legal if my company has only one mailbox?

YES, says the European Court of Justice. This finally clarifies this question.

More information here: https://www.businesscenter-niederrhein.de/2019/09/24/umsatzsteuer-bfh-erleichtert-fuer-unternehmen-den-vorsteuerabzug-aus-rechnungen/

What happens to incoming mail?

We take the incoming mail daily and deliver it to you for collection, or send it to an address of your choice. This service is included in all rates. Depending on the tariff, only the actual postage and processing fees 1: 1 will be charged.

I have a job - my boss shouldn't find out. Is that possible?

Sure, of course. You have a good business idea and want to build something next to your actual job? Then you are exactly right with us, because by using only our address (for example, on business cards, on your stationery or in the imprint of your website), so quickly no colleague or boss will get wind of it.

And best of all, use our telephone secretary and we even accept calls from your customers in your name while you're at work or prevented.

So you can conveniently test whether your idea is accepted in the market before you give up your job.

Please check in advance, however, in how far your employment contract allows such a thing or talk to your boss, just to not risk your job, should (whatever) but something come to light.

I have a webshop. Can I send returns to you?

Yes. Together with our partner, we operate our own logistics with 8.000 qm high-bay storage area. Both the shipping, as well as the acceptance and handling of returns, are part of our daily business. We are happy to advise you in order to realize exactly the right service for your needs.

Can I specify the address in the imprint of my shop and on stationery?

Yes. You can specify the address on all business documents as well as in the imprint of your website. We only know your private data and of course do not pass it on to third parties. Thus, your privacy is protected as your business grows.

How does the commissioning work?

Very easily. Send us your data via this link and you will receive your contract with all necessary information within 24 hours. As soon as we have your signed version back online or by electronic mail, it starts. The address is usually available to you within a few working days.

Are meeting rooms available?

Yes. We offer you the opportunity to use meeting rooms at 31 locations throughout Germany. We are happy to organize both catering and drinks.

How high is the trade tax levy in Krefeld?

With a trade tax rate of 480% across all of NRW, Krefeld is well within the average of the cities and municipalities.

You can find more information about taxes and duties at the IHK << >>.

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