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Rent business address

The Niederrhein business center offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to move their headquarters to us. You can then use the address to register your company in the commercial register, because the address meets all the criteria of a "summonsable address", so that it can of course also be given to the tax office and the trade registration office - just as you would on your letterhead, Business cards, the imprint of your website, in your e-mails ... wherever you want to specify them, specify them and use them. It is the full seat of your company in our virtual office and the address can be loaded.

This includes, of course, the bank where you want to sign up for your company account or the telephone company, where you can order a corresponding port. In both cases, we are happy to make recommendations and to name partners with whom we have negotiated discounted conditions for our customers in advance.

Otherwise we will take the mail for you and you decide what should happen with it. We can keep them for you so that you can pick them up or we can forward them to you optionally (usually once a week) to an address you have previously given. If you travel a lot or want to have your mail earlier, we also offer you the option of scanning incoming mail for you on the same day and sending it to you by e-mail. Whatever and however YOU want it - we are ready for it.

We offer:

one-time setup fee: 99, - Euro

monthly service fee: 29,80 Euro

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